You may not know it but painting or staining your fence is a very inexpensive way to greatly change the look of your home. Some people think they have to make drastic changes in order to add curb appeal to their home but in most cases, they do not. If you have a fence, give our experts at The Woodlands Fence Pro a call. We’ll help you determine whether or not painting or staining your fence is an option. In most cases, it is an option and we’ll tell you which option is best for the type of fence you have. Your fence does require some attention from time-to-time. Giving it a fresh coat of paint or a stain may be all that you need in order to have it looking like new again.

Fence Staining

At The Woodlands Fence Pros, we use stains of different colors since not everyone’s taste is the same. We offer a wide array of stain options, which makes it easy for us to provide you with exactly what you want. Our contractors use semi-transparent stains, which help to show the woods natural gains and helps the color to penetrate more deeply. We also offer a clear coat, which highlights the fences natural color. This is typically only applied to protect the wood from the elements of the weather. Finally, a solid stain may be used to change the appearance of the fence. We take our time to discuss your stain options so that we can be sure the stain complements your home. When you rely on us to handle your fence staining, we handle the job from beginning to end. Offering you a complete fence staining job. You receive quality service from our experts at The Woodlands Fence Pro.

Fence Painting

A fence is a great way to add interest to your home while protecting it at the same time. If you have a fence that looks old and weathered, having the fence painted, instead of completely replaced, is a great option. Allow our qualified professionals at The Woodlands Fence Pros assist you with this. Give us a call and let us show you what options are available to you. When you want good value for the money, you’ll find it here. Painting your fence not only offers it a beautiful new look but it also serves to protect the fence against weather damage. Most fences need some type of protection and having it painted every couple of years is an affordable way to protect it. Protecting your fence with paint means that you’ll be able to keep it around for many years to come.

Why Hire The Woodlands Fence Pro

We offer our customers plenty of painting and staining options. There is no way that you will not be able to find something that will appeal to you when you turn to The Woodlands Fence Pro to assist with your service needs. We only use the best quality of materials and have the most qualified contractors to apply them.